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Ryokucha - Tea Liqueur

Gin lovers revolt and make it a GT & T by adding alcoholic Tea Liqueurs to tonic water. And spritzer admirers mix it by up adding a dash to wine and soda.

Adventurous - Fruity - Coastal 

Bright, refreshing and with green herbaceous notes, rewards with every sip.

Perfect for those beaming with curiosity and in search of the ultimate Unami of Supreme Sencha.

Gin lovers revolt and make it a GT & T by adding a shot to tonic water and spritzer admirers mix it up adding a dash to wine and soda. Dazzle guests with a light and skilful confidante to a mixed cheese and charcuterie plate and serve chilled as a liqueur and cheese pairing. 

This finest quality Sencha Supreme green tea is harvested from the prestigious Ise Bay in Mie Prefecture, Japan. The extraordinary production of Sencha green tea occurs early in the spring harvest, with the hand-picked leaves steamed to halt oxidation, then immediately rolled and dried, locking in the verdant nature of its long, broken, needle-like leaves. Adding flavour and imparting a mellow sweetness that is perfectly balanced with our mild and gentle syrup.

Ryokucha is a very special craft liqueur which is hand made to order. Store in a fridge at all times and consume within 2 months/best before date. Once opened consume within 4 weeks or by best before date, which ever comes sooner. 

35cl 20% Vol - Thoughtfully shipped in a recyclable mailer.

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Tea Liqueur
Green Tea Liqueur
Green Tea Liqueur
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