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Welcome to the curious, wonderful and magnificent world of Liqueurious. Where moments are created and individuality is celebrated through a shared love of liqueurs. Our mission is to share the excitement, adventure and theatrics a little tipple can convey. Crafting small batch flavour-driven products that liven our souls and bring a smile to the lips our spirit touches.


Liqueurious liqueurs are versatile ingredients for mixologists and cooks alike. Cocktails such as Espresso Martini, Mudslide and Black Russian all use coffee liqueur as an essential ingredient. A simple digestif served straight from the fridge or a shot or two can be added to the cafetière. Poured over ice cream or used in BBQ sauces, from roast beef to Tiramisu, the only decision to make is, ‘what’s your occasion?'

Perhaps an afternoon cream tea with an alcoholic tea liqueur served straight from the fridge or a shot or two added to the tea pot? Drizzle over pancakes and creme brûlée, serve as a simple aperitif or as a charcuterie board confidante. Use as an essential ingredient in cocktails, from Long Island Iced Tea or make it a sparkling tea and add to a glass of Prosecco. The only decision to make is, ‘what’s your occasion?'

It's these momentous occasions our family of liqueurs add sparkle and conversation to. Whether you're a guest wanting to impress with an exciting and unusual thank you gift or as a host wanting to wow and intrigue their guests. For those events when we celebrate with our loved ones, friends, neighbours and families or simple thank yous. Offer a cuddlesome tipple from Liqueurious and we can celebrate any occasion together. 

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