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Great Taste Award

The Guild of Fine Food - Great Taste Awards 2022

All our Liqueurs have received recognition for their excellent flavour and taste, receiving 5 stars in total. That's one star for each of our Tea and Coffee Liqueurs.

Ryokucha - Green Tea Liqueur - "We thought this liqueur had an intriguing aroma, both sweet and earthy, pineapple and lychee and green tea all combined. All of these flavours were evident on the palate too. The changing texture is also quite compelling, with the juicy creamy mouthfeel upfront leading to the tea's tannic dryness, which makes it incredibly moreish. Innovative and rewarding with every sip."

Coffea - Coffee Liqueur - "Medium viscosity, bright and espresso coffee coloured. The nose is clean, with notes of freshly ground espresso with some clear nuttiness. On the palate, there is good coffee character, toasted hazelnuts, some hints of chocolate and the alcohol is well integrated. It has a pleasing viscosity and creamy mouthfeel."

Coffea Decaf - Coffee Liqueur - "We found the nose to be really convincing with deep coffee aromas and vanilla coming through well too. A well balanced mouthfeel and very pleasing palate with delicate dark chocolate and a gorgeous finish that lasts well."

Camellia - Black Tea Liqueur - "Distinctive and sweetly balanced liqueur with a light golden hay aroma.  We felt the liqueur had good structure and a subtle green tea influence alongside the black tea core - it reminded us of peach tea."

Camellia Decaf - Black Tea Liqueur - "We liked the honeyed hue of this tea liqueur and the aroma had delicious nutty and earthy tea notes, which were very enticing. We loved the rich sweet tea flavour with a woody smokiness, which we really enjoyed. It's delicate, well-balanced and very moreish."

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