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What are Craft Cocktails?

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The phrase Craft Cocktails can be a little confusing, especially when differentiating between Classic Cocktails, Artisan Cocktails, Modern Classic Cocktails and mixed drinks. 

When we’re talking about craft cocktails, they’re reassuringly innovative, unique, handmade and adventurous. Using quality spirits, with at least one unique ingredient and fresh juices, a bartender should have a good level of knowledge/technique to present a craft cocktail in a distinctive, glamorous and theatrical way. If you’ve ever ordered a craft cocktail you’ll know that they’re show stoppers, ice breakers, focal points of excitement and particularly moreish. 

Most bartenders can produce great classic/modern and artisan cocktails but craft mixology requires a higher knowledge of flavour profiles and skill, whilst stocking a wider and infinite range of artisan ingredients. Not to mention the knowledge of glassware required for theatrics. Some glasses are made specifically to enhance our sensory experience as we’re not just using our senses of taste and smell, we’re also using sight and touch, that intensifies the whole craft cocktail experience. Garnishes range from herbs to fruit, from scented smoke to vegetables. It really is incredible how the nuances of flavours binds fresh and unusual inspiring ingredients. All these elements warrant higher prices and craft cocktails are well worth it for their unique bar creativity.

Craft cocktails can be based on pre-existing drinks, for example a classic Moscow Mule is ginger beer, Vodka and lime juice. A craft cocktail interpretation would substitute Vodka for tea liqueur, which adds refreshing woody tea notes that harmoniously pairs with ginger. Adding peach slices draws out citrus notes of orange, complimenting the freshly squeezed lime and brightening the overall drink experience. We call this craft cocktail a Camellia Mule. We would also present a Camellia Mule in a copper mug as copper is a great thermal conductor. By adding a large handful of ice the mug cools down instantaneously offering a chilling sensation with every sip. Best of all, the copper handle insulates the heat from your hand keeping the Camellia Mule cold, frosty and covered in condensation while enhancing the tea flavour and tickling your senses when drinking.

Craft cocktails use innovative ingredients that offer exciting, unique and adventurous flavours. Liqueurious range of tea and coffee liqueurs represent the essence of the craft cocktail movement, creating opportunities for cocktail exploration, discovery and great adventure. 

A craft cocktail is about curated ingredients, technique and presentation. It’s the art of mixology and our desire for cocktail exploration.

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