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'Mixology is in our blood, you can’t fake it, it’s a gift and one that has to be shared.'

My Mum was the person who introduced me to homemade liqueurs and my Step Father to home brewed beer. Growing up, I remember Corona bottles filled with home brew lining the garage walls, each with a thick blanket of sediment! I also remember foraging for sloes in Autumn and my Mum's rosy cheeks as she would sip her favourite home made tipple, sloe gin.

Our Story

We have an affection for Espresso Martini recipes and we have tasted many of these cool, yet formidable looking cocktails. We love with a passion coffee liqueurs too, mostly for their absolute yumminess and as they’re a primary ingredient for cocktails. But here’s the thing, we found that many of the coffee liqueurs including well known brands lacked the balance of sweetness and basic coffeeness. Perhaps our expectations were set too high, but as we sought a coffee liqueur with a full punch of espresso we challenged ourselves to design a recipe and produce a superior coffee liqueur to that we had tasted. After many recipes, ingredient development and blind tastings with friends and family, we achieved what we had set out to achieve and that was a coffee liqueur so smooth, full flavoured and packing a punch of pure speciality espresso. Excitingly, a coffee liqueur courageous enough to be sipped as a tipple in it’s own right and Coffea was born. Riding on the success of our enthusiasm we started thinking alcoholic tea liqueurs…..

Tea and Coffee are the worlds favourite drink (aside from water of course) and our goal has been to capture these complex flavours and mouth feel with which we are all familiar with. At Liqueurious we have sampled over 60 delicate varieties of Tea (and tomorrow more!), from single origin to rare, from mountainous regions in China to the low elevation Tea estates of Sri Lanka. We're just simply overwhelmed with the variety of Tea and what's more is how good Tea pairs with food. We named our alcoholic Tea Liqueur Camellia after Camellia Sinensis, which is a species of evergreen shrub whose leaves and buds are harvested for Tea. Our green tea liqueur is called Ryokucha, which is simply Japanese for green tea. The liqueur development and gentle manufacturing process has captured what we believe to be the spirit of the purest of tea flavours.  

It's a similar story with Coffee, although we haven't sampled over 40 speciality variants but we have enjoyed every espresso and it's prized crema! And it's this caramel coloured, creamy textured holy grail of espresso that we've flavour profiled and captured in our Coffea, coffee liqueur. Why the name Coffea? Well, it's a species of small shrub whose seeds are harvested and called coffee beans! 

Liqueurs are an amazing and versatile tipple. They are at their best when served neat over ice, yet can be mixed with other alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and even used as an ingredient in food. We love them for being a little bit quirky and unexpected, so why not make a sparkling tea and add our tea liqueurs to a glass of Prosecco.

It's worth mentioning that liqueur is not the same as liquor. Both are spirit based but a liqueur is sweet by nature and this is the chosen form for our liqueurs.

Mastering the complexities of Tea and Coffee liqueurs has become second nature and the pursuit of perfection has ensued, becoming an enchanting adventure that has introduced me to the fabulous and sometimes unconventional world of liqueurs. I have no doubt when you sip our liqueurs that you'll be flabbergasted at how good a tipple of Liqueurious is. So, the only question remaining is, 'what's your occasion?’

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