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GT & T - Tea Cocktail

GT & T, alcoholic tea liqueur, tea cocktail, recipe

I always remember gin being in green bottles, Gordons to be precise. At the time there weren’t very many alternatives and I wonder if that was were the inspiration for ‘there are 10 green bottles hanging on the wall’ children's song came from. We love gin and we also love the abundance of varieties which now stand in formation like an army of gin, lining our supermarkets and wine merchant shelves. The popularity of gin increases year on year with an estimated 820 distilleries in the UK alone, with the majority of these being micro distilleries < 10 employees. The shear number of bottles consumed annually in the UK is staggering…. 83 million!

We love gin but we’re getting a bit bored of singing ‘there are 83 million green bottles hanging on the wall!’

It’s time for gin lovers to revolt!

What is a GT & T - Tea Cocktail?

It’s our Ryokucha Green Tea and tonic. GT & T! If you’re beaming with curiosity and love an aroma that evokes memories of freshly cut meadows whilst gazing out to sea with an unspoilt horizon of adventure, then Ryokucha Green Tea Liqueur frames this picture for you. There’s the classic savoury umami of Sencha Supreme and creamy mouthfeel, yet a sweet fruitless with hints of pineapple and lychee which binds an ocean to a wild floral meadow. And when paired with an Indian tonic water chosen for its floral and Mediterranean properties, makes a light and refreshing cocktail for any gin lover. 

All our Tea Liqueurs work very well with tonic water too. Try adding our Camellia Black Tea Liqueur to tonic and call it a BT & T.


  • 50ml Ryokucha Green Tea Liqueur
  • 150ml Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic Water
  • Ice
  • Lemon/lime wheel to garnish


  • Glass - Casablanca Hi-ball glass is perfect for keeping your drink cooler on warmer days. This is down to the fact that it’s chunkier than your normal cocktail glass with a thicker base which keeps the drink cooler for longer. It’s fluted walls help you hold the glass when the condensation builds up externally form the coolness of the drink on warm summer days.
  • Jigger - Bartending tool/dual ended cup for measuring spirits that is normally dual ended (50ml/25ml)
  • Bar spoon - Long-handled spoon used for mixing drinks


Fill the Hi-ball glass between half and 3/4’s full with ice. Pour over the Ryokucha and gently add tonic water to taste. We always gently stir to ensure the liqueur is mixed well.

Origin of GT & T - Summer 2022

Designed for theatrics and served to friends and family. Inspired by the classic G & T.

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