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Ryokucha Spritzer - Tea Cocktail

Ryokucha Spritzer, alcoholic tea liqueur, tea cocktail, recipe

You say Spritz, we say Spritzer, lets call the whole thing off! These are both classic ice-cold alfresco drinks enjoyed when the sun’s shining. A posh park cocktail, perhaps, but in some ways a little more extravert than Prosecco in the park. Not too much creativity is required, and the look of astonishment from your friends whist pouring a Ryokucha Spritzer will be priceless.

What is a Ryokucha Spritzer - Tea Cocktail?

It’s a long/tall drink, which is refreshingly sipped whilst catching up with friends and family. It’s not intense like a cocktail as it’s diluted with soda water, so it's better behaved when enjoyed mid afternoon!

Our Ryokucha Green Tea Liqueur in some ways is like standing on a beach in spring embracing the sea freshness as it gently brushes your hair. With savoury notes of baby spinach and tickles of sweet peach qualities, pairing with a crisp and refreshing dry white wine is advised. Choose an easy drinking fresh and lively white wine with stone fruit notes like an Italian Piemonte Cortese or Gavi. Both of these Italian whites will embrace the sweet peach qualities and fresh baby spinach aromas that sparkle and burst when soda water is added. We recommend adding a fresh slice of peach as this uplifts a Ryokucha Spritzer to an extravert in a glass.


  • 30ml Ryokucha Green Tea Liqueur
  • 60ml dry white wine
  • 60ml Soda water
  • 3 cubes of ice
  • Peach slice or citrus wheel to serve (optional)


  • Jigger - Bartending tool/dual ended cup for measuring spirits that is normally dual ended (50ml/25ml)
  • Serving glass - Casablanca Hi-ball glass is perfect for keeping your drink cooler on warmer days. This is down to the fact that it’s chunkier than your normal cocktail glass with a thicker base which keeps the drink cooler for longer. It’s fluted walls help you hold the glass when the condensation builds up externally form the coolness of the drink on warm summer days.


Prior to serving ensure your bottle of dry white wine is chilled before use and the ideal serving temperature is between 6 - 8C/42 - 46F. We also recommend this as the ideal temperature for the Ryokucha Green Tea Liqueur too.

Place the ice into the Casablanca Hi-ball glass, gently pour over the ingredients and lightly stir.

Origin of Ryokucha Spritzer - 2022

Designed for theatrics and served on social occasions by our founder Jason Stephenson, spring 2022. Approved and loved by all our guests and customers.

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