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Tealicious - Tea Cocktail

Tealicious Cocktail, alcoholic tea liqueur, tea cocktail, recipe

It’s been a while since writing a postcard. Not because our appetite for adventure has diminished, neither has it been due to current and recent travel restrictions. But I do think the postcard demise is sadly because of an instant messaging world of likes, emojis, social media and outdated naff images that are no competition to our smart phone cameras. I can happily remember the curious postcard banter of ‘wish you were here’ and ‘it’s too hot.’ And if you had tried a Tealicious Cocktail whilst at the beach bar, over looking the golden sands and turquoise sea, then the postcard citation would read -  ‘Incredible views, friendly bar staff, cocktails are amazing!’

What is a Tealicious - Tea Cocktail?

It’s a little reminder of summer, almost spritzer-esque. There’s no overwhelming or bold flavours, they’re subtle and light, bouncing around the glass with the rattle of ice. The peachiness mellows the woodiness of the Camellia Black Tea Liqueur and their paired sweetness gently washes the classic gin botanics in an undercurrent of soda water. If you raise the glass to your ear, I’m sure you’ll hear the gentle shoreline of a distant holiday memory.

For this cocktail we kept the gin choice with a classic style London Dry Gin. But try experimenting with contemporary style Gins as there will be other botanicals which pair very well with peach and tea, such as ginger and lemon verbena.


  • 40ml Camellia Black Tea Liqueur
  • 10ml Gin
  • 10ml Peach Schnapps
  • 140ml Soda water or to taste
  • Handful of ice
  • Peach/cantaloupe melon slice


  • Glass - Collins or Highball glass. Both can be used but there are slight differences between the two. A Highball is slim and chimney-shaped, while a Collins glass is just a taller glass. Highballs hold less than a Collins as these are designed to be half spirit/half mix, with lots of ice.
  • Jigger - Bartending tool/dual ended cup for measuring spirits that is normally dual ended (50ml/25ml)


Add the ice into your Hi-ball/Collins glass and slowly pour over all ingredients and stir gently.

Origin of Tealicious - Spring 2022

Designed for theatrics and served on extraordinary occasions by our founder Jason Stephenson. Approved and loved by all our guests.

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