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Camellia Royale - Tea Cocktail

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This is our take on the infamous Kir Royale, which always reminds me of my honeymoon in New York City. Sitting at a champaign bar in Grand Central Terminal, listening to the buzz of travellers whilst sharing the excitement of marriage that newly weds enjoy. It’s a memory that’ll last and an adaptation which will line the cocktail hall of fame (one day!).

What is a Camellia Royale - Tea Cocktail?

Tea and Prosecco we admit is an unusual pairing but as sparkling tea goes, it's a beautifully balanced and paired tipple of Prosecco and Camellia Black Tea Liqueur. There’s a light sweetness which steadies the dryness of Prosecco, whilst gently adding highlights of toffee and butteriness from the Camellia Black Tea Liqueur. We recommend a decent dry Italian Prosecco, preferably DOCG* and low in sweetness too. We advocate Brut but don’t be mislead by labels of Extra Dry or Dry as these are actually sweeter than Brut. And as your imparting the sweet butteriness from the Camellia Black Tea Liqueur it’s the start of a perfect relationship for a DOCG Brut Prosecco.

*DOCG means ‘controlled designation of origin guarantee.’ The guarantee is from the Italian government and for wines of especially high quality. Each DOCG must pass a wine tasting panel whilst DOC wines must be grown and made in accordance with appellation rules.


  • 25ml Camellia Black Tea Liqueur
  • 200ml Prosecco Brut


  • Serving glass - Glass choice is an important factor when serving Prosecco as it needs to breathe and release it’s fragrance unlike it’s counter part Champagne. The Tulip glass is a perfect vessel as it’s slightly wider than the traditional Champagne flute, which helps release it’s fragrance. Yet its tapered rim prevents bubble loss, whilst displaying the bubbles magnificently. Presenting your guests with a Camellia Royale will be quite theatric and by using the Tulip glass they’ll also look high society too. Ta-dah!
  • Jigger - Bartending tool/dual ended cup for measuring spirits that is normally dual ended (50ml/25ml)


Prior to serving ensure your bottle of Prosecco is chilled before use and the ideal serving temperature is between 6 - 8C/42 - 46F. We also recommend this as the ideal temperature for the Camellia Black Tea Liqueur too.

Pour the shot of Camellia Black Tea Liqueur into the Tulip glass. When pouring the Prosecco it’s important to hold the glass at a 45 degree angle and pour slowly down the inside of the glass. This will help stop the sparkling tea bubbles form reaching the top of the glass, overflowing and any embarrassment in front of your guests.

Origin of Camellia Royale - 2021

Designed for theatrics and served on extraordinary occasions by our founder Jason Stephenson, Christmas 2021. Approved and loved by all our guests and customers.


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