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White Coffea - Coffee Cocktail

White Coffea Cocktail, alcoholic coffee liqueur, coffee cocktail, recipe

Some say from Russia with love but regardless of origin, we named it a White Coffea. Such a classic yet simple cocktail to make and based on a White Russian. If we’re honest the only change is the name we’ve given it, which is not surprising when our coffee liqueur blends with Vodka like a firm handshake from an old friend. And when topped with cream metamorphoses this handshake into a warming and friendly embrace.

What is a White Coffea - Coffee Cocktail

Vodka is labelled as a neutral spirit, but it’s from from being flavourless. If you’re from the Vodka belt or a Vodka connoisseur then you’ll drink it neat and straight from the freezer without ice or mixers. The spicy grainy taste of Vodka can be a little overwhelming which is why it’s preferably mixed. Vodka and our Coffea liqueur pairs incredibly well. These natural smooth coffee flavours of chocolate and hazelnut conditions the higher alcohol content from the Vodka. This balances the Vodka nuances and the caramel vanilla sweetness from the Coffea liqueur glows the more they embrace.

We revert to our recipe for a Muddy Coffea as cream and alcohol have a mixed relationship. Not in flavour but in appearance as it’s worth noting if you pour the cream into the Vodka first it will split/curdle. This is because alcohol is acidic, which lowers the Ph level of the dairy and in turn causes the cream to separate. So, don’t be alarmed if this happens, it’s a perfectly normal phenomena.


  • 100ml Vodka
  • 50ml Coffea Liqueur
  • 50ml double cream
  • 3 cubes of ice


  • Jigger - Bartending tool/dual ended cup for measuring spirits that is normally dual ended (50ml/25ml)
  • Old fashioned glass - Other names are rocks glass/lowball glass. Essentially they are a short tumbler used for spirits, neat or with ice


Place the ice into the old fashioned glass and with focus pour over the Vodka and Coffea liqueur. Then pour the cream into the glass and tenderly stir.

Origin of White Russian - 1960’s

Surprisingly this cocktail has nothing to do with Russia. In fact the only link to this cocktail is the use of Vodka and someone simply added cream into a Black Russian. However the Black Russian was reportedly invented in the 40’s at a bar in Brussels. The name references the look of the cocktail as the coffee liqueur is black as well as the Vodka being produced in Russia.

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Muddy Coffea Cocktail, alcoholic coffee liqueur, coffee cocktail, recipe

Muddy Coffea - Coffee Cocktail

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